Bond Process

The Bond Process

1What can delay any of the 28 steps ?
  • The Property description is incorrect on the Title Deed
  • The incorrect condition is inserted by the Bank
  • The parties are currently engaged in divorce proceedings
  • The parties are either living in or are situated in another country during the Bond registration process
  • Approval of structural insurance by the Bank
  • Delay or refusal to accept the banks debicheck mandates
  • A monetary shortfall on the transaction between the purchase price and what needs to be settled by the Seller on their bond
2Can costs be saved on property transfers?
Banks may from time to time run campaigns during the year which will assist in lowering your costs, should you comply with their criteria
3Who pays the costs?
The Purchaser will generally pay the costs unless the property has been purchased directly from a developer in which case provision has likely already been made for bond registration costs and will be indicated in your building contract
4How do I start the process?
  • Contact your private banker
  • Apply at the bank of your choice using their electronic platforms
  • Make use of Bond Originator firms
5What documents do I require?
  • Identity document(s) ​
  • Proof of Residence ​
  • Marriage certificate ​
  • Ante nuptial contract (if you are married out of community of property) ​
  • Income tax number(s) ​
  • 6 month’s bank statements ​
  • 6 month’s pay slips
6Why is your credit status important?
Once you have applied for your bond avoid any additional large credit agreements as this will likely affect your application for a bond
7Why is it important to declare you marital status?
Your marital status is an important aspect of your bond application and registration. Any change in marital status should be reported to your attorney as soon as possible as same bears legal consequences in the event of death or divorce taking place during and/or after registration


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